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Essential Hair care Products and Tools For The Best Curls

on October 15, 2019


Sleek hair is always trendy but can a girl get some curls? Adding curls to any style is a good way to add a little fun to your look. But how can you get the perfect curls? 


Here are only 4 things that you need to step your curl game up.


EAP Heat’s C-Curler


The EAP Heat’s C-Curler makes curling your hair super easy. It is designed to create voluminous curls that move. Remember to curl away from your face for the best results.


Holding Spray


Using a light holding spray keeps your curls in place all day. Apply the spray before your first pass with your curler. Allow the curl to cool completely before separating and styling.


Light Oil


Spritzing your hair with a light oil will give your curls a high shine. Using light oils like Moroccan or avocado oil leaves your hair feeling weightless. In addition, your curls will look amazing with a dab a shine.



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