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Flat Iron Do’s and Don’ts For Beginners

on October 05, 2019

Using a flat iron is pretty simple. You turn it on, let it get hot, and use it to straighten your hair. If you have a little skill, you can use it to create curls, waves, and a variety of other styles.


If you just purchased a flat iron, you might be a little confused on what do with it so here are the major DOs and DONTs of using your flat iron:





  • Always use small sections of hair. The sections should never be wider than your flat iron plates.

  • Test it the iron on a small piece of your hair before doing your whole head! It is also a good idea to practice with the iron turned off to get a feel for the motions.
  • Always curl away from your face.
  • Use the appropriate heat setting for your hair.




  • Don’t stop moving! Avoid stopping or holding the iron in one spot for too long. You run the risk of creasing or burning your hair.
  • Never flat iron without heat protection. It’s a must. Most heat protectants will make the hair smoother and will help you run the flat iron through your hair more easily.

  • Don’t curl the same section twice without allowing it to properly cool down.  If the section isn’t as straight or curly as you would like then move on to another section and come back once it’s cooled down.
  • Don’t brush or comb hot curls. This is a sure way to undo all of the work that you’ve put in. Wait until you are completely done before manipulating and styling your hair.


What are some flat iron tips that you live by?



Photo credit: Monet Thomas/

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How do you know what your heat setting should be?
For instance I have “a lot hair” when blowed dried but in reality fine hair. What’s a good temperature to start at?

by Wanda on November 05, 2019

Good morning. What are your recommendation(s) for to use as a heat protectant?

Thank you.

by Samia on October 15, 2019

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