Closer Look: Soaked ‘N Silk Hydration Hair Masque

Over the course of manipulating and styling hair will naturally lose nutrients and moisture becoming subject to damage. Our hair masque solves those issues by increasing the moisture and nutrients retained and interrupts brittleness, breakage and dryness reestablishing healthy hair. 

We included two key ingredients that aid in rejuvenation. The first being Ceramides which serve as a conditioning agent that locks in moisture and nutrients to bring back strength in the hair shaft. The second ingredient is Keratin which is the main protein of hair makeup and gets absorbed by the hair cuticle. Most commonly known for keratin treatments we wanted to include it in our masque so that it can be done even from home. We wanted to create a treatment that brings your natural hair and extensions back to life. 

Rejuvenate damaged, dry and weakened hair with our Soaked ‘N Silk Hydration Hair Masque. This intense hair treatment restores the overall appearance of damaged hair while locking in nutrition and strengthening. 

EAP Heat Soaked ‘N Silk Hydration Hair Masque