A Closer look at our Wash Day Kit

A Closer look at our Wash Day Kit

Your Wash Day should not be done begrudgingly because cleansing can be smooth and effortless if you have everything you need. From start to finish our Wash Day Kit provides the healthy cleanse your hair needs. We want Wash Day to be a breeze while also being enjoyable. Here is a breakdown of everything included in our Wash Day Kit and the vital role they each play:

Let’s Be Clear - Clarifying Shampoo

Every good wash day starts with a clarifying cleanse! Formulated to strip hair of dirt and build-up left behind from styling and regular product usage. Target hair follicles with the rich lather that suppresses itch while tackling dandruff.

Stimulating Therapy - Scalp Massager

Support the breakdown of dirt and build-up using our Scalp Massager in combination with Let’s Be Clear - Clarifying Shampoo for an invigorating deep cleanse. While gently massaging you are also improving healthy blood circulation in the scalp.

Gimme More - Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo

Formulated to also strip dirt oil and excess product buildup while leaving behind infused oils that help restore the hydration, natural luster, and shine back into the hair.

Keep it Coming - Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner

For all hair types formulated to keep strands smooth, soft, and hydrated. After cleansing use a conditioner that encourages nourishment and strengthening.

Silk Touch - Detangler Brush

Support softness by using with Keep it Coming - Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner to detangle, define, and smooth hair before finishing up your cleanse. Its multifunction use helps in styling once wash day is over.

We love being a part of your hair care journey, happy cleansing!