Maximizing Volume: The Best Products to Use with a Volumizing Airbrush

Maximizing Volume: The Best Products to Use with a Volumizing Airbrush

When it comes to achieving a voluminous and bouncy hairstyle, a volumizing airbrush is an essential tool to add to your hair care routine. But did you know that using the right products in combination with your airbrush can maximize your volume and give you even better results? Here are the best products to use with your volumizing airbrush:

  1. Volumizing Spray: Before you begin using your airbrush, apply a volumizing spray to your damp hair. This will help to create a solid foundation for your volumizing airbrush and provide long-lasting volume.

  2. Root-Lifting Mousse: For those with fine or thin hair, using a root-lifting mousse in combination with your volumizing airbrush can provide even more lift and volume at the roots.

  3. Blowout Cream: Applying a blowout cream to your hair before using your volumizing airbrush can help to protect your hair from heat damage and provide additional body and volume.

  4. Texturizing Spray: Once you've finished airbrushing your hair, use a texturizing spray to add texture and hold to your voluminous hairstyle.

At EAP Heat, we offer a Volumizing Air Brush that is perfect for creating voluminous and bouncy hairstyles. The gentle bristles of our airbrush grasp the hair with minimal tension to create styles with body and volume effortlessly. The adjustable temperature settings help you control the heat to limit damage, while the 360° ventilated airflow helps distribute heat evenly throughout the hair. Pair our Volumizing Air Brush with the right products, and you'll have the perfect recipe for a voluminous and stunning hairstyle.

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