How to Take Care of High-Porosity Hair

How to Take Care of High-Porosity Hair

Hair porosity is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. Once you figure out your hair’s porosity you are better able to choose products that truly care for your strands and help to keep them strong. But how do you care for high-porosity hair? Well, what is high porosity hair? High porosity hair absorbs moisture quickly and can lose it just as fast. It is easily recognizable when hair saturates fast when water is presented, styles dry fast, and moisture is lost quickly. This is not a bad thing, your hair just wants products that leave behind nutrients that hair can hold on to. The biggest key to healthy high porosity hair is maintaining moisture which can be done in a couple of different ways.

One way of doing this would be the L.O.C. method of laying products with the intention of obtaining optimal moisture. The acronym stands for liquid, oil, and cream; you start by applying a liquid to moisturize hair, followed by an oil to lock in that moisture, and lastly end with a cream to prevent moisture loss.

Another way to maintain moisture is by using heavier products in your regular hair care routine like butter or cream. These products have restorative properties that leave behind moisture for your strand to soak up and maintain. Leave-in conditioners are one of these types of products that not only detangle but help moisture remain present in hair that loses moisture quickly.

A simple trick to add to your hair care routine is to rinse your conditioner with cold water. When cleaning your hair wash your shampoo out with hotter or warm water because it opens up the cuticles in the hair washing away the dirt as you rinse. When you follow up with conditioner the goal is to leave some of that moisture behind. Moisture from conditioning will be left behind when washed out with cold water because the cold water closes the cuticles that were opened earlier, locking in the moisture received from the conditioner.

So if you are a part of the high porosity family, look for hair care products that are moisture rich and potentially on the heavier side because just as quickly as your hair can absorb moisture, it can lose it as well.