There’s an Oil for That: Shiny Hair

There’s an Oil for That: Shiny Hair

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No one wants lackluster hair! But greasy hair is not a look one would rather go for either. There are oils that readily absorb into hair giving it the shine it’s always needed. Here is a list of oils to help add the shine and luster back into your hair and how to use them:

Vitamin E Oil

Rich in antioxidants that replenish the protective layer of the hair shaft to bring back shine. It also prevents hair breakage and promotes a healthy scalp.

How to use: Apply directly to the scalp and massage gently for a couple of minutes.

Rose Flower Oil

Rich in plant nutrients that remedy frizzy, heat damaged and dry hair. With it being light and dry it will keep hair moisturized and hydrated.

How to use: Apply directly to hair and work through.

Chamomile Oil 

Nerve soothing properties nourish hair keeping it moisturized. It conditions to bring luster back into hair.

How to use: Mix with other nourishing oils, apply mixture to scalp and hair. Leave on for an hour and then wash out.

Sweet Almond Oil 

Rich in vitamins and omega-3s essential oils that easily infiltrate the scalp which helps lock in moisture and repair dry damaged hair. 

How to use: Apply to hair. Continue styling as normal unless hair feels greasy in which case rinse before styling.