3 Fool-Proof Ways To Maintain Your Silk Press

3 Fool-Proof Ways To Maintain Your Silk Press

Photo cred: @HairBySuave

EAP Heat dropped some knowledge on silk presses before. We showed you how to achieve the perfect silk press without damaging your hair. Now, everyone loves a good silk press, but most people have trouble maintaining it for more than a couple of days. Today we will be giving you the keys to keeping your silk press longer without compromising its body or shine.

Say No To H20

Water is not your friend when it comes to a silk press. After pressing your hair, it is your job to keep the excess moisture away from your tresses. More commonly, the lifespan of your silk press can be shortened during your daily shower(s). We highly recommend wrapping your hair and covering it in a plastics cap before taking a steamy shower or bath.

In addition to showers, we also recommend avoiding any activities that are intense enough to produce sweat. If you’re a gym rat, switch your high-intensity workouts for lighter alternatives like yoga.

Photo cred: Jakayla Toney


Lay Off The Products

Contrary to popular belief, more products will not extend the life of your silk press. Hair sprays, moisturizers, and heavy oils will only weigh your hair down. In addition, product buildup can cause breakage and scalp irritation.

While rocking your silk press, you should only opt for light oil to keep your hair shiny and your scalp moisturized. You can also use 1 or 2 spritzes of EAP Heat’s Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant on hot and humid days. 

More Heat Isn’t Necessary

When you first press your hair, you are already using a lot of heat to achieve optimal straightness. With all the heat being used to create the silk press, there is really no need to add more heat to maintain it. We get it, sometimes your hair doesn’t look as straight as it did on day one but that’s okay. In fact, your hair reverting to its natural state is a good indicator that it’s not damaged.

If you start to notice that your hair reverting, we recommend wrapping your hair tightly and securing it with hairpins. Use a silk scarf to keep your hair in place. This will help your hair stay straighter longer.

Photo cred: @Jeynastylez


What’s your secret to a long-lasting silk press? Let us know below.