How to Detangle your Hair the Right Way

How to Detangle your Hair the Right Way

In a perfect world, we would wake up and gracefully roll out of bed to find that our hair is still laid. Now snap back to reality…

Hair gets tangled. There are a number of different situations that can cause hair to get into a frenzy.

Maybe you forgot to tie your hair up, it was raining, or you went swimming. The list could continue but there isn’t enough time for that. So, instead of dwelling on the problem, we are here to provide solutions. The detangling process is the answer and it is so important to your hair care routine. Below are a few tips to detangling your hair.

Schedule Your Session
Detangling hair is not a 5-minute process. Breathe and slow your roll. Try to set aside at least 30 minutes to dedicate to detangling.  You don’t want to rush and risk damaging your hair.

Work In Small Sections
4 sections will work for most people. If your hair is curly or extremely thick, then you can do more. Work in only one area at a time.

Use Your Hands
When possible,  try to gently separate your hair using your hands.  Work your way through your hair to free up the kinks and knots. Avoid snatching and excessive pulling on your strands. 

Wide Tooth Combs ONLY
Avoid using a brush when dealing with tangling. Instead, use a wide tooth comb and work your way up the hair shaft from ends to roots. Once you get to the top you should be able to run the comb through the hair a few times without it snagging.

Major Keys

  1. Use a leave in conditioner —make sure it’s water based.
  2. Never detangle your hair while it’s wet. Wet hair is weaker than dry hair.
  3. Braid and cover your hair before bed and before exercise.

How do you detangle?