How to Straighten Hair with No Damage

How to Straighten Hair with No Damage

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Heat damage is a thing of the past with our tips to straighten hair with no damage. Keep these tips in mind because you want to avoid your strands becoming heat damaged as opposed to heat trained. Heat training is training your strand to stay straight long after styling is finished. What happens is the disulfide bonds in the hair are broken down and when this happens the texture of your hair changes. But with the proper technique hair can be straightened and even heat trained with no damage.

Always Use a heat protectant

We live by this rule because anytime any type of heat is applied to your hair, heat protectant should be applied first. It adds the moisture needed for hair to be pressed silky smooth frizz-free and shiny. Heat protectant ensures that hair does not dry out with the high temperatures it may endure during heat styling. Our recommendation would be to use Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant.

Use a good hot tool

When applying heat to your hair you want to invest in hot tools that are where designed with your hair care in mind, tools that are easy to use but provide professional styling. A good hot tool will require fewer passes through hair because they apply heat evenly and efficiently the first time. Our recommendation would be to use our Blow Dryer, our best-selling 1” Ceramic Flat Iron.

Keep hair moisturized

Applying heat to your hair will cause it to become dried out but to avoid this your hair must remain moisturized throughout the entire straightening process and after. Before applying heat and a moisturizing heat protectant be sure you are conditioning or using a moisturizing shampoo and after heat styling is done finish up your style with nourishing oil. Our recommendation would be to use Glow Get ‘Em Shine Spray.

Preserve your style

The best way to avoid damage is to not use heat so often, this doesn’t mean you can’t get your hair done every two weeks like you normally do. This simply means that once your hair has been pressed you should not need to keep going in and touching up your press with additional heat. Ways to preserve your style include wrapping your hair at night and preventing sweat from getting to your hair and causing swelling.