Save Your Edges By Doing These 3 Things

Save Your Edges By Doing These 3 Things

Our edges are the most sacred parts of our hair. We cherish them and we try to keep them from harm's way at all times. Here are some basic edge care tips that everyone should be doing.


Tie Your Hair At Night 

Always tie your hair up at night and be sure to put your edges up. Excessive rubbing and snagging can happen when you’re sleeping. Over time, it can take a toll on your hairline. Remember to NEVER tie your hair too tight.


Avoid Tight Styles


Tight braids, tight weaves, and tight ponytails are all culprits for balding edges. The pulling and stress are the #1 cause of traction alopecia. If your hair is too tight, take it down. It may look amazing but is it really worth the risking the health of your hair.


Add Daily Edge Massages To Your Regime


Find a good hair oil like Wild Growth Hair Oil and use it to gently massage your hairline before bed. It’s a relaxing way to stimulate growth while winding down. Oh, and don’t forget the wine! 

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