Do You Know When to Use Each Flat Iron Size?

Do You Know When to Use Each Flat Iron Size?

Do you have trouble deciding which flat iron size to buy or when to use each? Take into consideration your needs when deciding. Do you want to be able to straighten and curl? Is the hair long? Do you have fine hair? All of these need to be kept in mind when choosing the flat iron size. Using the same size iron on every type of hair and style is not always the most efficient.

EAP Heat 1/2” Flat IronEAP Heat 1” Flat IronEAP Heat 1 3/4” Flat Iron

½" Flat Irons

  • Great for pixie cuts, bangs, and laying edges 
  • Does well with hair close to the scalp 
  • Can create tiny curls 

1" Flat Irons

  • All-purpose flat iron 
  • Best for styling beyond straightening 
  • Great for fine hair 
  • Short to medium length hair 

1 ¾" Flat Irons

  • A time-saver, presses more hair at once 
  • Great for thicker hair 
  • Medium to longer length hair