Five Easy Yet Elegant Holiday Styles

Five Easy Yet Elegant Holiday Styles

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The holiday season can be a hectic time but a beautiful one nonetheless. There are a lot of gatherings and events that get attended and of course, you want to look your best. So we have compiled five easy yet elegant holiday styles for you to try!

Whether you do the curls on silk-pressed hair or freshly blown dry hair, curls are a holiday favorite.
Image Source: @voiceofhair 

Half Up Half Down

Don't downplay the effect of the half-up half-down, it’s effortless yet draws out your face by removing hair from covering your face to surrounding your face.
Image Source: @iamalonzoarnold

Bone Straight Silk Press

While you may want to switch it up, a bone-straight silk press can be an easy and truly elegant style to try this holiday season with its sleek and effortless look.
Image Source: @slayologyco

Low Ponytail with Texture

We love a good ponytail and normally people go for a high one but a lower one is just as nice. When you add texture to the ponytail it adds to the visual.
Image Source: @adefunkeee

Updo with bangs

A holiday season classic that's always in style, a great style to show off both your face and your outfit.
Image Source: @teaondemand_