Maintain your Silk Press

Maintain your Silk Press

You just got a silk press and want to be sure you can maintain it until your next wash day, we’ll we have some tips to keep your silk press as fresh as the day you got it done: 

Avoid overusing products

Too much product will cause build-up resulting in your hair becoming heavy and greasy and no longer flowing in the wind.

No over manipulation

Of course, you want to run your fingers through your silky smooth hair and maybe even try a few styles but too much manipulation will frizz. 

Avoid excessive moisture

This isn’t to say stay away from all water but be extremely cautious to not explode your silk press to excessive amounts of moisture because it will revert to its natural state. 

Wrap your hair at night

You want to avoid frizz and friction by wrapping your hair at night to protect it from fabric and movement but also to preserve silky straight hair.