2021's Best Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners

2021's Best Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners

Let's face it — 2020 has been rough. Fortunately, the new year presents an opportunity for fresh starts and fresh hair tools! Although we can't guarantee that 2021 will be full of exclusively good days, investing in some new beauty products can make every day a good hair day, at least. 

We've compiled a list of some of the top-rated flat irons on the market for 2021. We hope that this can help inform your shopping and enforce your styling! 

Remington Pro 1" Pearl

This Remington offering would make a great travel straightener (once airports are safe again)! Its 1" width allows for easy packing and the lower price point can alleviate fears of it getting lost or broken in transit. Although it may not be high-end quality, its black and pink design guarantees you'll be styling in style. 

Dyson Airwrap Styler

The latest innovation from Dyson has been making headlines and, frankly, making bank. It's on the opposite end of the price spectrum from the Remington Pro, at $549. This cost is justified by its ability to curl, wrap, smooth, and dry with no extreme heat. Many of its more advanced features do require additional attachments, so this is undoubtedly an investment piece. 

Conair Unbound Cordless 1"

The cordless offerings from Conair allow you to quickly move around your whole head without the nuisance of a cord. This can make styling on the go extremely easy, as long as you come prepared. It's crucial to remember to charge the device in advance of when it's needed. The last thing you need is bed head and dead batteries! 

EAP Ceramic 1 3/4"

The EAP Ceramic straightener is sleek, newly improved, and can quickly give your hair the same gloss and shine we all love! Its wider straightening width means that you can smooth your hair faster than with some alternatives. But don't worry - this speed doesn't diminish quality. The device's three layers of ceramic help prevent frizzing as you form flawless looks. 

Drybar Tiny Tress Press

Our last recommendation is small but mighty! This super-compacted tool has 1/2" ironing plates that are great for touching up styled looks. Stubborn flyaways and bangs can be easily addressed on-the-go. With a $50 price point, this is a great sidekick to any collection. 

So, are you ready to get shopping? What are you currently using comment below. And as always Happy New Year and happy styling!