Ceramic or Titanium: Which is better for your needs?

Ceramic or Titanium: Which is better for your needs?

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When it’s time to get a flat iron, deciding which type of flat iron to get can be hard. But we want to help make your decision an easier one. We have broken down the difference between titanium and ceramic flat irons to better help determine which one suits your needs. 

Heat Distribution 

Ceramic flat irons take longer to heat up but once hot they heat hair from the inside out which is much gentler. Titanium flat irons heat up instantaneously and heat hair from the outside in, which can be too much for thinner or damaged hair. 

Hair Type

Ceramic flat irons generally work well on all hair types, thin to coarse, healthy to damaged. But they also require you to pass through sections more than once in some instances. Which can result in a slower silk press. Titanium flat irons work best for thick to coarse hair because of how it distributes Heat. This is not to say that it wouldn’t work on thinner hair but if it is, it doesn't need to be done so attentively as it can cause damage. But a titanium flat iron can also result in a much faster silk press because fewer passes are required through hair. 

The Breakdown



Heats hair from inside out 
    Takes seconds to heat up 
    Less damaging  Fewer passes required 
    Good for all hair types  Best for thicker to coarse hair