5 Reasons Why You Need The EAP Heat Flat Iron

5 Reasons Why You Need The EAP Heat Flat Iron

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Almost everyone has had a bad hair day that was saved by a flat iron. Whether it's beating frizz, taming tight coils, or just achieving a different hairstyle, there are many things that flat irons can do for you. However, not all flat irons are created equal and by the end of this article, you should know how to select the best flat iron for your hair.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Flat Iron

There are so many flat irons in the market, and it is easy to get confused about what to buy. A flat iron should ease your work and help you achieve those versatile styles you desire with minimal effort. EAP heat flat iron has been hailed by many naturalists as the best heating tool for manipulating the tightest coils and kinkiest curls. Here is why.

1. Heat Control

Hot tools are always associated with heat damage and for this reason, many women avoid flat irons. But this is not necessarily the case because some flat irons regulate heat better. If you have kinky, coarse, and curly tresses you want a flat iron that will produce the right amount of heat without burning your hair shaft.

2. Materials Used

EAP heat offers flat irons made with different materials such as titanium, and ceramic plates. Titanium-plated flat irons tend to generate and retain a lot of heat and will help you straighten thick coarse hair faster. Despite their higher price tags, they are also rust-free and very durable. On the other hand, ceramic plated flat irons are highly popular because they can be used on all types of hair. If you are looking for a coated plate that gives off even heat and is affordable, then you should opt for ceramic flat iron?

3. Technology

Flat irons today come with different technologies that can protect your hair and ensure the maximum effectiveness of the heating tool. The EAP heat flat iron has far infrared which emits radiant heat that heats your hair from the inside rather than the outside. This protects your hair cuticles from damage.

4. Shape and Size of Plates

The shapes and size of your flat iron determine the types of styles you can achieve. Flat irons with rounded plates tend to be more versatile because they can help you achieve both wavy and straight hairdos. Square-edged plates are perfect for straight silk presses and sleek styles but difficult to use for wavy and curly hairstyles. If you tend to travel frequently, you should also consider getting a flat iron that can easily fit in your bags.

5. Price

Some people tend to go for cheaper flat irons, but according to experts, these tend to emit uneven heat and poor results. If you have kinkier coils, you will spend more time trying to manipulate your hair using these flat irons. It is better to spend a little more money investing in a good flat iron than purchase a cheaper one that won't work. 

EAP heat flat irons are affordable and effective in styling different types of hair. Visit our home page to choose a reliable ironing tool from our range of heating tools based on your hair type and how often you flat iron your hair.