Closer Look at Bye Bye Frizz - Heat Protectant

Closer Look at Bye Bye Frizz - Heat Protectant

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Before applying heat of any kind, a heat protectant should always be used first to bypass damage, nourish and allow for the hot tools to be used as intended. Our Bye Bye Frizz - Heat Protectant is the ultimate protector against heat damage and frizz, its anti-breakage formula can be used on color and chemically treated hair. 

We encourage a healthy hair care journey and we know heat can be used on hair but some products have to be used for hair to remain healthy. We wanted to create a lightweight, nourishing heat protectant that could be used in a salon or at home. We did not want to simply just protect, but we also wanted to help fight frizz.

We included ingredients that each have their benefit and in combination, they encourage protection, nourishment, and strengthening when applying heat. Here is a breakdown of some of the ingredients and our reason for including them: 

  • Coconut Oil - Nourishes and thickens hair 
  • Kukui Nut Sees Oil - Penetrates hair shaft adding moisture 
  • Sunflower Seed Oil - Prevents hair breakage 

Bye Bye Frizz - Heat Protectant

How to use: 

  1. Apply sparingly but adequately on hair
  2. Either on each section before blow-drying or the entire head and then blow dry as normal 
  3. Reassess using more before straightening or curling