5 Ways to Boost Moisture Level

5 Ways to Boost Moisture Level

  1. Rinse conditioner out with cold water. The cold water closes the hair cuticles locking in the moisture it just received from conditioning. 

  2. Use a moisturizing Shampoo. Shampoo that cleanses is one thing but when it replaces the dirt with moisture you’ve got a two for one because hair won’t be left feeling stripped.  

  3. Deep Condition Regularly. When you deep condition your hair you are restoring the damage caused by manipulation and styling. Essentially brings your hair back to life. 

  4. The L.O.C. Method. This method is using liquid, then oil and sealing with a cream on hair after washing. 

  5. Learn your hair's porosity. When you know how your hair reacts to water you’ll be better able to determine which products your hair will react to.