EAP Heats Hair Washing Tips

EAP Heats Hair Washing Tips

Some may think washing hair is as simple as shampooing and conditioning. While those are the main components of hair washing, there are a few tips and tricks that not only help with the cleansing process but also help you along your healthy hair care journey. Here are our hair-washing tips:

Stray away from washing your hair every day

Overwashing hair strips it and your scalp of its natural protein and oils resulting in dryness. When choosing a shampoo be sure to get one that is sulfate free because sulfates while they are excellent cleansers they strip hair of natural oils. Depending on your hair type limit washes to 1-2 times a week depending on the oil and buildup.

Always follow up a shampoo with conditioner 

No matter your hair type conditioner is a must in all hair care routines. It brings back the moisture that was lost in manipulation, styling, and shampooing. Choose a moisture-rich conditioner because it helps lock in moisture that combats frizz and helps with smoother styling. 

Rinse shampoo out with warm to hot water

This allows for hair cuticles to be opened which helps get a deeper cleanse and truly wash away dirt and buildup. Be sure to rinse thoroughly because it can lead to scalp buildup.

Rinse the conditioner out with cold water 

This closes the hair cuticles that were previously open when hair was shampooed. The cold water closes hair cuticles and helps lock in the moisture from the conditioner that was used resulting in moisturized strands.

Shampoo with a scalp massager

Using fingertips to shampoo hair is what the hair community has grown up on, but we have begun to give the fingertips a break and use scalp-cleaning brushes or massagers. Generally, they can infiltrate the scalp more effectively breaking down dirt and buildup. 

Wash day does not have to be a big ordeal but it can be a lot healthier with our tips. Happy washing!