How to Get Salon Results At Home

How to Get Salon Results At Home

Styling your hair should be as simple as calling up your stylist, and scheduling an appointment. For some, that is literally all it takes but for others, things don’t always go as planned. A lot of us live hectic lives and sometimes the salon doesn’t make the cut. So what can you do at home to keep your hair healthy and stylish?


Here are 4 tips that will keep you, and your hair, on point without the salon.


Buy The Right Products And Stick To Them


If you’re going to skip out on the salon then you will need salon quality products. Start by finding the shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer that works for your hair type. Once you find the products that you like then stick with them. Frequently changing your hair products can do more damage than good.


Invest In Professional Hair Tools


Cheap hair products will destroy your hair. In order for you to compete with your stylist, you need to use the right tools. All of EAP Heats hot tools are professionally designed and are super easy to use at home.



Find Your Look


Having a go-to style saves you time and saves your hair from unnecessary manipulation. Experiment with one new style a week to see what you do and do not like. Once you find your look, perfect it and wear it with confidence.


Take A Break From Styling


Taking one day out of the week to let your hair rest is never bad advice. Constant manipulation will weaken your hair and cause unwanted breakage.  Choose one of your off days to wash and condition your hair. Wear a ponytail or let your hair do its own thing.

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