How to Sleep with Curls

How to Sleep with Curls

You’ve just curled your hair and don’t want to mess up your flawless curls! We get it and that is why we have 3 surefire ways for you to sleep with your curls and wake up to them looking the same as they did when you first curled them.

The pineapple

  1. Gather curls in a loose ponytail or bun at the top of your head
  2. Secure with a silk scarf tucking curls at the top back into your ponytail.

Scarf or Sock Method

  1. Using either a pair of long socks or a thick scarf, place it over your head (ear to ear)
  2. Wrap curled hair around it
  3. Twirl as you wrap securing at the bottom


  1. Depending on the time you can always roll your curls up to the scalp
  2. Secure them with Bobby pins like you are setting them