Are you Blow Drying Correctly?

Are you Blow Drying Correctly?

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Blow drying your hair should not be a miserable task and you can get a salon-worthy blowout in the comfort of your own home. It can be unsatisfying to blow dry your hair and end up with halfway dry, frizzy, or tangled hair. Use these tips to make your blow-dry at home a lot smoother:

Tip #1 Heat Protectant

We are the heat protectant advocates! Before you apply any type of heat to your hair always apply a heat protectant to be sure that you are protecting your hair from heat damage and moisturizing it. This also helps to combat frizz and prevent split ends.

Tip #2 Blow Dry from Tip to Root

You want to be delicate with your hair in all steps of the hair care process. By blow-drying from tip to root you are detangling the ends making it easier on yourself as you work your way down the hair shaft.

Tip #3 Blow Dry Wet Hair

Again, the damage is something that we want to avoid and while you do not want to blow dry your hair drenched, do not blow dry it when it is completely dry either. Ideally, you want t blow dry damp hair or hair that is 60% dry.

Tip #4 Section Hair

When you blow-dry in sections you are ensuring that all of your hair is getting dried. It also helps with detangling and being sure there are no knots left behind. When you work in sections you achieve better results.

Tip #5 Heat Setting

Of course, blow-drying your hair on the highest setting will get things done faster but you are causing your hair more damage than is needed. Adjust your heat setting and airflow to match the type of hair you have, if you have thinner hair a medium to low setting with a low airflow should suffice. If your hair is thicker or curly, a medium to low heat setting with a higher airflow will get the job done.