Are You Curling Your Hair Properly?

Are You Curling Your Hair Properly?

Are your curls not holding how they should? Do you want to curl your hair but need some pointers? If you’re ready for flawless curls use our 5 simple tricks the next time you curl your hair.

Use our 5 tips the next time you curl hair

1. Be sure you are using the correct barrel size

You don't want your curls falling out within a few hours nor do you want to feel like you have to avoid touching them because you're scared to flatten them. For short to medium hair curls hold best with a smaller barrel. You want to be sure your hair can be wrapped around the barrel at least twice when looking into barrel size. For medium to long hair curls hold better with a larger barrel. Curls can start defined and throughout the day relax and become even prettier.

2. Use heat protectant

Any type of heat is going to present the problem of heat damage. When you use a heat protectant you're combatting damage and frizz which can be an issue when curling hair. When you use a heat protectant when curling you're doing much more than protecting, it adds shine and moisture.

3. Curl in sections

Of course, you curl your hair in sections but if you aren't mindful you won't be satisfied with your curls. Curl in sections of one inch or smaller if you have shorter hair. Also, curl in layers starting from the bottom of the back of your head and work your way up. Curling in sections also ensures every strand gets curled.

4. Set your curls

When you're ready to remove hair from the barrel, allow the curl to fall into your palm still coiled. Keep it in your palm coiled until it's cooled or pin it if you don't want to hold it. This extra step allows for your curl to be cooled in a particular position.

5. Choose wisely how you brush your curls out

Be sure your hair is cooled before brushing out your curls. For smaller curls, you might want to try a paddle brush, and for bigger curls a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. Be gentle to be sure to not pull out any of the curls and of course, there's always the option to shake your curls out.

Woman holding curling iron through hair