Defining your Curls

Defining your Curls

When it comes to defining your curls you have to keep in mind a few things as it pertains to your hair; your hair porosity, texture, and how you layer your products based on the two. Since different curl types already come with varying levels of definition, defining them can be easier for some compared to others. In some instances, parts of your head could take differently to curl defining than others. It all boils down to learning your hair and catering to it accordingly. 


Love your natural curl pattern and embrace how it coils. There are no non-chemical products that will change the texture of your hair but they can define your given curls while minimizing frizz. No matter your texture there is a combination of products that can get you the curl definition you desire. 


In learning your hair's porosity, you will be able to get the curl definition you desire by working with your hair's strength. Porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb and maintain moisture. With low porosity hair, cuticles are shut tightly and therefore need products that can penetrate strands and don’t sit on top of it. With normal porosity hair, it readily takes and retains moisture so curl defining won’t take as much trial and error. With high porosity hair, cuticles are open and able to soak up moisture but not able to hold it in and would therefore need mid-weight to heavier products. 

Once you’ve embraced your texture and learned your porosity it’s time to perfect your hair care regimen. Curl definition is affected by every step in your hair care regimen from maintaining between washes to how you wash. With products being the biggest, looking for products that will soak up and retain moisture without leaving it drenched can be a task. But keep in mind that your curl-defining products are supposed to improve manageability and provide more hydration for curls to spring into their natural bouncy state, frizz-free. 

How to define your curls: 

1. Cleanse & Detangle

If your hair tangles easily it might be best to detangle your hair when a creamy conditioner or mask like Soaked ‘N Silk - Hydration Hair Masque is on your hair. When drying up excess water try using a microfiber towel to reduce frizz. 

2. Leave-In Conditioner

Following the L.O.C. method once hair is tangle-free apply a leave-in conditioner like Keep it Coming - Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner to damp hair. 

3. Oil

Follow up with hair oil. This helps seal in the moisture that was added from the leave-in conditioner.

4. Cream or Curl Definer

Apply in sections working through root to tip. Define curls with a wide-toothed comb or a detangler brush like Silk-Touch Detangler Brush to help smooth and stretch curls.

5. Time to Dry

After giving the curls a good shake it’s time to decide if you want to air dry or diffuse with a blow dryer. The diffuser attachment removes the excess moisture without hindering the curls you just defined.