5 Things Every Great Flat Iron Should Have

5 Things Every Great Flat Iron Should Have

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Quality Plate Material

Your flat iron is going to be ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. The choice is based on the type of hair that you have in combination with the expertise and time you have to flat iron your hair. But all in all, you want to be sure the material your flat iron is made of is the best metal possible because you want your flat iron to last and straighten without causing damage. You get what you pay for at the end of the day, purchasing a cheap flat iron will result in having to pass through hair multiple times, fluctuating temperature, and having to get a new flat iron more frequently.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

The goal is to straighten your hair with as minimal damage as possible and flat irons with an adjustable temperature setting allow for just that. You may want to start off at a higher temperature to straighten hair and then lower the temperature to bump or curl your hair. The other convenience it allows is for you to straighten more than one specific hair type, which is great for a stylist.

Beveled Edges

A bevel-edged flat iron has a rounded sloped edge along the length of the flat iron plates. This protects hair from damage and burning but more importantly, it adds to the versatility of your flat iron. With beveled edges, you are equipped to create flips and curls within minutes.

Infrared Heat

Infrared heat heats hair evenly from the inside out safely with its wavelength penetrating the hair shaft at a deeper level. Instead of applying direct heat, it steams the hair in a sense to avoid hot spots and ultimately uses less heat to straighten which results in the potential of minimal damage.

Auto Shut Off

If your flat iron does not have an auto shut off it's time to upgrade because the last thing you need is to leave your flat iron on. This feature allows for peace of mind because you will know for certain that even if you didn’t remember to turn off your flat iron it will do so itself.