Everything You Need To Know About Silk Presses

Everything You Need To Know About Silk Presses

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Silk presses have become synonymous with Sundays, hair grease, and the infamous hot comb. Most of us have horror stories that accompany our straight tresses. One thing that our mothers and grandmothers failed to tell us was that their method was WRONG!


The traditional press and curl used a ton of grease that not only weighed our hair down but it also fried it in the process. Fortunately for us, modern-day styling techniques/tools allow us to get a better silk press that’s healthier, lighter, and better looking.


Now that you know what a silk press is here is how you can achieve the perfect silk press:


Shampoo and Clarify


Before you begin the process of silk pressing your hair, you must remove all dirt and oil from the hair. You can buy a clarifying shampoo or scrub your hair with apple cider vinegar before shampooing. After shampooing, your hair should have a squeaky clean feeling.


Add Moisture


Next, you need to add a ton of moisture to your hair. Use an intense moisture-based conditioner so that your hair is hydrated throughout the length of the style without having to use any additional products.  Sitting under a dryer is the best way to help your conditioner penetrate your hair and seal in the moisture


Use Protection


Always apply a heat protectant to your hair before you use any direct heat source. You will be blow-drying and flat ironing your hair so you will need the maximum amount of protection.


Blow Dry Until Straight


Use a good blow-dryer that is powerful enough to get your hair straight so that you use less heat when using the flat iron. Blow-dry the hair in sections until all of the hair is semi-straight.


Flat Iron


Use a flat iron that will get your hair straight within in one pass.  Take a small section at a time and flat iron the hair until your entire head is complete. You can also add curls to give your silk press a little more style.




Wrap your hair at night in a circular motion. Secure it with a silk headscarf. Your silk press can last for up to 3 weeks with proper maintenance. After 2-3 weeks it will be time to shampoo your hair. Don’t forget to deep condition to prevent any damage.


How do you get your silk presses perfect?