What's Your Curl Pattern? Treating Your Type Right

What's Your Curl Pattern? Treating Your Type Right

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We get it — hair is complicated. Although some days you may wake up feeling flawless, other days can see your hair-do in a mood right when you have somewhere important to be. Having the right styling products on your side is essential in these frizzy, frenzied moments...but with so many options, how do you know what hair care is right for you? 

Identifying your unique curl pattern is the first step in helping your natural hair shine. Of course, doing so can be easier said than done, and categorizing your curls is sometimes a source of controversy. Here are the basics on finding your hair type and treating it right! 

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The Four Primary Hair Types

At the simplest level, there are four main categories for hair type:

  • Type 1: Straight
  • Type 2: Wavy
  • Type 3: Curly
  • Type 4: Coily

In most cases, you'll be able to tell what category you fall into just by glancing in the mirror. But your hair is too unique to simply fit into one of four boxes! That's where the A-C subcategories come in. These letters help denote the width of your hair pattern, with As being the widest and Cs the thinnest. 

For example, a woman with Type 3A curls would have a thicker and looser pattern, while those with Type 4C would experience tighter coils. Some women may have multiple patterns throughout their head, so it's worth taking some time to really investigate your one-of-a-kind follicles. This is easiest done when your hair is wet. 

Taking Care of Your Natural Curl Pattern

Once you have a better idea of your hair's natural canvas, cleaning and styling will be much easier! For more information on enhancing your hair's perfect patterns, check out EAP Heat's blog and hairstyling products

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What's your curl pattern and how did you initially find out what it was? Leave your answers below, each one teach one!