Your Guide to Everything Brushes

Your Guide to Everything Brushes

Detangler Brush  

Best for detangling hair when wet or with leave-in conditioner to define curls. Specifically designed to release tangles, a detangler brush is made with flexible bristles that emote knots with ease and minimal pain without causing damage.

Paddle Brush 

Best for smoothing out hair. Their flexible air cushioned base makes paddle brushes easy to move through the head with control. They provide smoother results without disrupting the natural pattern on hair.

Round Brush 

Best for blowouts. Made with an ionic or metal barrel that heats up when used in combination with a blow dryer. Round brushes work similar to a curling wand but don’t give off direct heat. Delivering bounce and taming frizz round brushes are ideal for adding volume and body.


EAP Heat Brushes