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1" Ceramic Flat Iron1" Ceramic Flat Iron
1" Ceramic Flat Iron
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Ming x EAP Heat 1" Titanium Flat IronMing x EAP Heat 1" Titanium Flat Iron
1st Gen 1" Ceramic Flat Iron1st Gen 1" Ceramic Flat Iron
Almost 1" Titanium Curling IronAlmost 1" Titanium Curling Iron
Triple Threat BundleTriple Threat Bundle
Triple Threat Bundle
Sale price$ 570.00
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Heat KitHeat Kit
Heat Kit
Sale price$ 460.00
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Starter KitStarter Kit
Starter Kit
Sale price$ 550.00
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Hottie Heat KitHottie Heat Kit
Hottie Heat Kit
Sale price$ 657.00
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The Dream Team BundleThe Dream Team Bundle