5 Things to Consider when Buying a Flat Iron

5 Things to Consider when Buying a Flat Iron

Having more good hair days than bad is more than just luck; you need to know your hair and your tools, 
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Having more good hair days than bad is more than just luck; you need to know your hair and your tools, too. Buying a flat iron needs some careful consideration so that your hair can have its best days. Here are five things to keep in mind when choosing the right flat iron for your hair. 

Hair Type

It might seem elementary, but knowing your hair type can be the difference between effortless styling and damaged strands. Fine hair is more delicate; too high a heat can damage your hair. Coarser hair tends to need a higher heat to hold a style, whether straightening or curling. If you aren't sure of your hair type, take some time to find it. One quick and easy way to tell is to run a single hair between your fingers. If you can barely feel it, you have fine hair. If it feels textured or is easy to feel as you pull it through your fingers, then you have coarse hair. And remember: hair falls on all points of the spectrum. 

Temperature Control

Once you know if your hair tends toward coarse or fine, then you have a general idea of the type of heat it will take to straighten it. In general, fine hair will need a lower temperature in order to keep it from being damaged and coarse hair needs a higher temperature to hold the style. Buying a flat iron with a good temperature control will give you the right tools you need. 

Plate Size

The wider the plate, the more quickly you can flat iron your hair. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you have fine hair, a wider plate may actually damage your hair, since it applies heat to a wider area for a longer time. If you are traveling with your flat iron, you may want to get one with narrower plates for convenience. Wider plates work better on long, coarse hair. 

Plate Type

Ceramic or titanium? Does it even matter? It absolutely does and it all comes back to knowing your hair type. Titanium heats up faster and holds a higher temperature with more stability and consistency, which is perfect for harder-to-control coarse hair. If you have fine hair, though, it all comes back to avoiding damage; use a ceramic plate for fine hair. It heats up more slowly but your patience is rewarded with a more gentle heat for fine hair. 

Style Goals

Flat irons can either have a straight or a rounded edge. Your end goal will determine what type of flat iron you'll want to purchase. Want nothing but sleek shine and not a curl or wave in sight? Get the straight edge and make it happen. If you want those beachy, tousled waves, then the beveled edge can double has a curling wand and help you achieve the look. 

With all this in your toolbox, you'll be all set to take home the right flat iron for you.  Contact us and start working toward your  hair goals.