Never Ever Purchase a Low Quality Iron Again

Never Ever Purchase a Low Quality Iron Again

Cheap is expensive. As cliché as that sounds, it's, unfortunately, true in many cases, and this usually the case for most women when shopping for a flat iron. Just like other beauty products, flat irons range from cheap to expensive, and many shoppers make price-based choices, often going for the cheaper option.

However, in this case, a cheap flat iron doesn't necessarily save you money. In fact, due to their short lifespan, you're more likely to be purchasing a new one now and then, spending the same, if not more, than a quality flat iron would have costed you. This is not to mention that a cheap flat iron may also damage your hair.

Let's dive deep and look at the distinctive factors between cheap and expensive flat irons to help you make a more informed choice when purchasing.

The Plates

The material that makes a flat iron is a crucial determinant of its price. While expensive flat irons are made up of titanium, pure ceramic, or tourmaline, the cheap ones are usually fabricated using metal or glass, which conducts heat poorly. You may see a claim that an inexpensive iron has ceramic plating. But that only means there is a ceramic coating covering the iron, and when it wears off with time, it won't hold heat anymore.


Your hair requires adequate heat to eliminate all the frizzles and silk press it. Unfortunately, most of the cheap irons take a long time to accumulate enough heat. Besides, the plate heats inconsistently, which leads to cold spots on your hair. Although the hair may appear straight after passing the heat, it will look scrappy and messy at the end of the day.


Considering that you use a flat iron frequently, it is wise to choose one that will last longer and give better and consistent results all through. An expensive flat iron usually consists of materials and technology that give professional results. It usually lasts longer and will save you from returning to the shop for a replacement.


The effectiveness of your flat iron greatly depends on temperature. Due to the quality materials that make the expensive hair straightener, they fast in achieving high temperatures and maintain it until the straightening session is over. But for the cheap irons, it is difficult to reach high temperatures and have the heat distribute evenly. Expensive hair straighteners allow you to check and modify the temperature, thus reducing the risk of burning your hair.

Purchase a Quality Flat Iron Today

A flat iron is an investment; the cost of a quality one should not be a big deal. It saves your money and gives a guarantee of consistent and professional results for years. Visit our website, learn more and buy a quality flat iron today!