Ceramic vs. Titanium: Which is Better for your Needs?

Ceramic vs. Titanium: Which is Better for your Needs?

Picking your flat iron can be difficult when you aren’t sure what your hair needs. Different metals cater to varied hair types better than others. While most irons could be used on all hair types, finding one that suits all of your needs is ideal. We’ve broken it down Ceramic versus Titanium to better assist you in determining which flat iron is best for your hair. 

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When it comes to flat irons, there are a few different metal plate options available. Most flat irons on the market promise perfectly silky hair, making searching for a suitable flat iron even harder. Picking one can be difficult if you aren't aware of what each one could do for your hair. Ceramic and titanium flat irons are the most popular among others and are also more affordable.

Woman using 1" EAP Heat flat iron


As the latest technology in the flat iron industry, titanium is a lustrous metallic element valued for its strength, durability, low weight, and high heat conductivity.

Titanium flat irons facilitate faster heat transfer, which means quicker and better results evenly distributing heat creating less work for you. They are also scratch-resistant and durable under extreme heat. But they do work at a higher heat and should be used with caution.

Titanium utilizes infrared heat and releases more negative ions to work its hydrating magic on your hair. Infrared heat locks in the natural oils and moisture in your hair giving you shiny and hydrated straightened hair. Titanium hot tools are perfect for thick, coarse, and standard hair types.


The ceramic flat irons are a classic, they glide through hair without causing damage or breakage. Ceramic also conducts heat quickly and evenly.

A ceramic flat iron offers value for those who don't want to use a flat iron often or who are on a budget. Ceramic also utilizes infrared heat and releases negative ions to help eliminate unnecessary frizz and to lock in moisture. Ceramic hot tools are excellent for thin and normal, thick, moderately damaged hair.