The Truth about Hot Oil Treatments

The Truth about Hot Oil Treatments

There are plenty of treatments that can assist in healthy hair. One of which is the hot oil treatment, which has benefits we often don’t think of. We have 5 benefits you may not have known.

What Can they do for Your Hair?

We all love our natural hair, but we put it through a lot, from heating, coloring to styling, and much more. Fortunately, you can maintain that natural hair by using natural hot oil treatment. Whether you have brittle hair, dry hair, or looking for a better self-care regimen, it is no secret that hot oil treatments will leave your hair looking healthy and shiny. 

If you have any skin conditions like flakes, eczema, or dandruff, be sure to seek medical advice from your dermatologist. 

5 Benefits 

Despite most people terming hot oil treatment as valid for only cold months, you can leap more from it all year round with any hair type. 

  1. Prevents frizz - The use of Almond oil as a hot oil treatment works best for conditioning and nourishing your hair. Your hair strands are left softer, which in turn prevents frizz.
  2. Strengthens and adds shine - Frequent use of a hot oil treatment protects your hair from physical damage and friction. In addition, most oils and products are infused with vitamin E that helps your strands free from radical damage. The oil treatment will also wrap the hair cuticle, thus, making it shinier and less dull.
  3. Increase blood flow in the scalp - As you apply rosemary oil for hot oil treatment to your hair, it is crucial to practice scalp massage to stimulate blood flow to your scalp. It also feels relaxed and encourages more hair growth.
  4. Moisturizes dry and brittle hair - Hot oil treatments help you do away with the hair dryness problem by keeping your hair moisturized. It works best for any hair prone to dryness, brittle, and split ends. We encourage hot oil treatments every week or two weeks to help repair damaged hair.
  5. Helps reduce dandruff - Dry scalp and dandruff are common problems faced by most. But with the help of coconut hot oil treatments, your hair will soften and retain proteins in the hair shaft. In addition, coconut oil is ideal for treating dandruff. 

    You can do a hot oil treatment at your local hair salon or a Do-it-Yourself at home. But be sure to use the correct oil for your hair needs.