The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleansing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleansing

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When you start strong you can finish strong. Cleansing your hair begins with a simple but productive wash. We want to be sure you cleanse the correct way to ensure you stray away from potential damage from cleansing the incorrect way. Here are our do’s and don’ts of cleansing your hair:


Scrub scalp with fingertips or a scalp brush

When you scrub with these instead of your nails you avoid the possibility of damaging your scalp and weakening your hair follicles. You want to handle your scalp with as much care as you would the most sensitive part of your skin.

Rinse shampoo out thoroughly

Shampoo is meant to cleanse and remove dirt from your hair and if left on can cause scalp irritation due to the cleansing agents.

Wash your hair regularly

Whether you decide to use a shampoo or simple co-wash, do wash your hair regularly. There is no particular time frame like every two weeks but if that’s your thing stick with it. Cleansing your hair gets rid of dirt and product build-up.


Apply shampoo directly to your scalp

When applied directly to your scalp instead of lathering beforehand or on the strands and working to the scalp the cleansing agent infiltrates the scalp first and can cause healthy moisture to be removed.

Apply conditioner to the scalp

Conditioner is for the part of your hair that needs the moisture, being that your scalp produces its natural oils applying conditioner to your scalp can cause it to become greasy and potentially clog hair follicles.

Use a shampoo with sulfates

Sulfates even though they are excellent cleansing agents are too good at their job and will strip hair of the natural oils that your hair needs. There are plenty of sulfate-free shampoos that cleanse hair with no issue and leave it moisturized.