The Truth about Trims

The Truth about Trims

Myth: Only damaged hair gets split ends
Truth: Any type of hair is prone to split ends

Split ends can be subdivided with regular trims. Getting your hair trimmed is an essential part of your healthy hair care journey because it promotes growth and healthy strands. Trimming dead and split ends prevents them from moving up the hair shaft furthering the damage.

How often should I get or trim my hair?

Generally, it’s recommended to trim your hair every four to six months. But based on the breakage and split ends in your hair it’s best to consult with your hairstylist. But oftentimes you’ll be able to tell when you are due for a trim because ends are thin, dry, and in some cases, hair isn’t growing.

How can I grow my hair if I’m regularly trimming?

While caring for your scalp and strands with products affects hair growth, if damage or breakage is present it can stunt hair growth. As mentioned above if split ends are left unattended they can move up the hair shaft bringing damage to the whole strand. Removing damaged hair little by little will prevent you from having to cut off more hair later down the road.

How do I care for my hair between trims?

In between trims you still want to follow your healthy hair care regimen. Give your scalp the refreshing cleansing it needs without stripping with Gimme More - Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo. Spend less time manipulating your hair with a conditioner that eases the detangling process like Keep it Coming - Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner or use it as a leave-in to lock in moisture to combat split ends, breakage, and damage.