How Often Should I Switch Styles?

How Often Should I Switch Styles?

Our EAP Heat gang LOVE'S new hair. It’s a part of our lifestyle. But can it get out of hand sometimes? We all know that over manipulation of your hair can cause major issue such as breaking and drying.


So how much styling is too much?


Natural Hair


If you will be styling your natural hair. Use low maintenance and as little heat as possible. Depending on the style, you can safely change your hair every 1-2 weeks with no issues.




The horror stories with extensions seem to be endless. The bad smells, the mold, and the matting have all been showcased on IG more times than we can count.


It should be obvious that you should NEVER leave an extension style in for more than 4 weeks. It is unsafe to do so.


On another note,  switching your extensions on a weekly basis is too much. The stress on your hair, even with wigs, can sometimes be irreversible.


When It's all said and done our hairstyle changes are in large, parts of our identity. When we change into a new slay we mentally take on a different persona not only to people who know us but, happily enough, we feel a change within ourselves and that's never out of hand.

How often do you change your slay? Comment below.