Getting A Silk Press: Top 5 Benefits and How to Maintain It

Getting A Silk Press: Top 5 Benefits and How to Maintain It

Get A Silk Press: Top 5 Factual Benefits and How to Maintain It

A silk press is the easiest way to straighten your natural hair without permanently changing its curl pattern. This is done by blow-drying your hair and then using a comb or flat iron to straighten it. Even though many hair naturalists are skeptical about the heat damage caused by silk presses, it has many benefits.

Facts and Benefits of Getting A Silk Press

The secret lies in finding a good stylist to do your silk press and maintaining the style to ensure it serves its purpose. Some main benefits of the silk press include:

New Look

Despite loving your curls, it is natural to desire new hairdos every other time. Natural hair is versatile and can be manipulated into different hairstyles. A silk press allows you to achieve perfectly sleek straight hair without using chemicals.

Healthier Hair

It is easy for split ends and damaged hair to hide underneath tight coils and curls. However, when you straighten your hair, they are visible enough to be trimmed. A key step of achieving the perfect silk press is to trim off the edges before pressing the hair. This retains healthy hair and gives room for your hair to grow.

Apart from using heat protection, a good stylist will wash, deep condition, and moisturize your hair with good hair serums before doing the silk press. This should keep your hair moisturized and healthy for the duration that you wear this style.

Low Maintenance

Unlike curly hairstyles, silk press is a low maintenance hairdo. You only need to wrap your hair and cover it with a silk scarf when sleeping. For six weeks you will be saved from long washdays, sitting under hoods for your deep conditioning, and putting your hair in protective styles that are expensive.

Easy Hair Styling

Natural hair can be quite involved and time-consuming when styling because curls and coils by nature are hard to manipulate. The frizziness of type 4 hair also makes it difficult to achieve certain looks and maintain them for longer. A silk press can save you from all these issues and allows you to easily switch up your bouncy curls for straight do’s or even put it up in a sleek ponytail. In case your hair falls limp, you can use rollers and curling rods and wrap it up to resuscitate the bounce in that particular section.

No Chemicals

A silk press is the best way to straighten your hair without using any chemicals. This gives you the sleek straight hairstyles that you desire while protecting your hair from harmful straightening chemicals and irreversible damage.


Maintenance Tips for a Long Lasting Silk Press

With proper maintenance, silk presses can last 4-6 weeks on virgin natural hair. If you have had silk presses before, you can wear this hairdo for much longer. You should avoid using any heat on your hair after having a silk press or else risk irreversible heat damage.

Silk presses do not mix well with water and the moment your hair is exposed to any moisture, it will revert to its frizzy coils. You should therefore avoid humidity and moisture at all costs. This includes hair products such as sprays and moisturizers. Should you decide to work out, be sure to put your hair in a high bun.


These tips can help you maintain your silk press and reap the benefits of this style. EAP Heat brings you healthy hair growth and maintenance tips regularly. Visit our site to get tutorials and healthy hair products.