Quick flat iron styles for your next video conference meeting

Quick flat iron styles for your next video conference meeting

EAP heat is here with three quick flat iron styles for your next online meeting.
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COVID-19 has made the entire world sit down. Working from home has become very popular the past year, and by the look of things, this is the new way of life.

Unfortunately there will be times where your not looking or feeling your best to get in front of the camera and might not have a ready style on how to deal with your hair quickly in preparation for your next business video meeting. EAP heat is here with three quick flat iron styles for your next online meeting.

The flat iron curl

Consider using a flat iron that is skinny with rounded edges. Take one strand of your hair; preferably, start from the back coming to the front. Close the strand and twist it away from your face, then pull slowly down the rest of the strand while the iron is still clamped shut. Depending on the level of curly you want your hair to attain, you can choose to leave it that way or comb it out to make it less curly. Wax your fingers and run them through your already done hair.

The sleek and straight

Mist your hair, then pick out one strand of hair after the other and straighten it. Straightening requires minimum skill since it's a matter of holding the iron till you reach the end of your strand. In case you're going for a more dramatic look, you can do a slight bob by cutting your iron neatly towards the ends of your strands and finish off with a soft side bang.

Loose curls

Put your iron on low heat and twist the straightener around your temple area, so your curl starts lower on the hair shaft. You could also choose to curl your hair toward the bottom. Are you wondering how to do this? Do a straight iron, but about two inches from the bottom of your strand, turn the iron inward toward your neck. Be careful not to burn yourself in the process. You can also wing the strands out by curling the ends upward and outward.

Work made more manageable, right?  Less time and stress, more time for work, and to top it all up, you get to feel prepared confident and sassy with your hair pressed to perfection.

We would love for you to leave us a comment on what looks have gotten you through Zoom calls in the past and share below, each one teach one.