5 Mistakes You Didn’t Know Are Damaging Your Hair

5 Mistakes You Didn’t Know Are Damaging Your Hair

Not using a heat protectant when styling with heat 

It is imperative that when you are using any kind of heat you also incorporate a heat protectant. If one is not used, you are potentially exposing your hair to long-term damage and noticeable dryness. The heat automatically brings dryness and potentially split ends but, heat protectant creates a barrier between the hair shaft and the hot tool preventing heat from directly compromising hair. 

Not washing hair enough or washing hair too much 

We know that you do not want to overwash your hair because it strips hair of its essential natural oils that keep hair healthy which results in dull and dry hair. But when you don’t wash your hair often you avoid getting rid of dirt and additional oil that causes clogged pores of the scalp which stunt hair growth and cause hair loss. Establish a Wash schedule that works for you to ensure hair is held to the utmost health. 

Rinsing with steaming hot water

Our hair does not like the hot showers that we love ourselves. When you think of hot showers, think of them as hot tools, because they share the same qualities as hot tools. The Heat has the same effect on hair as the hot tools and can strip hair of its essential oils leaving hair vulnerable to damage. But showers that are mild in heat will allow hair follicles to pen and be cleansed by themselves. 

Using the wrong type of hairbrush

While you may try and grab the hairbrush that looks the best for your hair, the best hairbrush for your hair might think differently. Every hairstyle has a different hair brush that works best for its type. Generally, curly hair should use a boar bristle paddle brush which would help curls retain their shape and leave hair fried free and moisturized. 

Sleeping on cotton pillowcases 

Cotton pillowcases absorb the essential oils that your hair creates to promote hydration. When these oils are lacking, your hair is prone to breakage due to dryness and dullness. But when you use a silk pillow you are tapping into the lustrous side of your hair.