7 Common Hair Myths Everyone Believes

7 Common Hair Myths Everyone Believes

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We have all heard something about how we should take care of our hair or what we shouldn’t be doing to our hair. But how true are some of these sayings? Well, we are going to break down some of these myths and give you the facts.

Myth: Air drying is better than blow-drying

But the truth is when a blow dryer is used at an appropriate temperature it can be just as healthy if not healthier than simply air drying. People think about the outer damage that blow drying can cause but do not think about the internal damage air drying can cause by swelling that can affect your hair proteins on the inside.

Myth - You don’t necessarily have to use conditioner after every wash

While everyone's hair care routine is different, conditioner should be used after shampooing. Shampooing washes away buildup and can also wash away the natural oils your hair needs to thrive. Conditioning your hair returns those oils and hydration back into the hair strands.

Myth: Oily hair should be washed more often or even daily

While shampooing does remove excess build-up you do not want to overdo it. Overwashing will remove the amount of sebum (oil the body produces to keep the scalp moisturized) your scalp naturally produces and your scalp could try to overcompensate and end up producing too much sebum.

Myth: Hair grows faster if trimmed every 6 weeks

The truth is while trimming can help with the health of your hair, trims are meant to prevent split ends which have an adverse effect on healthy growing hair. But trimming does not affect the rate at which hair grows and more importantly everyone's hair is different.

Myth: Shampoos stop working after awhile

While it is common to believe that hair gets used to a shampoo and the shampoo no longer works, this is not the case. There is no real evidence that supports this myth and when you switch shampoos too often you could be potentially altering your PH or your hair which could lead to damage and or a dry and itchy scalp.

Myth: Split ends can be repaired

Unfortunately, once your hair has split from the ends and begins to work its way up the hair shaft there is no way to repair it. It simply must be cut off because there is no way to put the split ends back together because it’s not possible. While you cannot mend them you can prevent them with minimal damage from unhealthy heat and over-styling. Also, include products in your hair care routine that promote and retain moisture.

Myth: Colored hair is unhealthy

Yes, bleaching hair can lead to hair damage done incorrectly because you are altering your hair's nutrients and follicles. But if you take proper care of your hair by including color-sensitive products that are specially formulated to help retain moisture back into colored strands.