Do You Know About Hair Porosity?

Do You Know About Hair Porosity?

Everyone’s hair is different and requires to be cared for in a particular way. When you learn how it functions you also learn how to keep it healthy. Understand your hair by first understanding it’s porosity.
If you aren't familiar with hair porosity it's your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. When you know your porosity you know how to properly care for your strands and choose products that cater to them.

Types of Porosity:

Low porosity - Has difficulty allowing water into the hair shaft. It can be recognizable when hair takes some time to get saturated in water, product sits on top of hair and styles take a while to dry.

Normal porosity - Readily takes and retains moisture. The hair cuticle absorbs water and other moisture with no problem.

High porosity - Absorbs moisture quickly and can lose it just as fast. It can be recognizable when hair gets saturated fast in water, styles dry fast, and lose moisture quickly.

Porosity Tips:

Low Porosity

  • Don't use too much product or heavy products 

  • Distribute product evenly throughout hair 

  • Use heat or steam when deep conditioning 

Normal Porosity

  • Don't overwork your hair 

  • Don't use too much product 

  • Consistently deep condition or use protein treatments 

High Porosity

  • Layer products to maintain moisture 

  • Use heavier products like butters and creams 

  • Rinse conditioner with cold water