Choosing Between Ceramic and Titanium Straightening Irons

Choosing Between Ceramic and Titanium Straightening Irons

With the current economy, it's hard to find people spending on items without considering their benefits. We have a lot of questions regarding the item, especially if it has a high price. When it comes to straightening iron, it's not any different. You want a hair straightener that suits your hair type to make a good hair day every day.

There are two popular types of hair straighteners used for styling, i.e., ceramic and titanium. With questions of 'which straightener is the best' being asked frequently, here is a guide that helps you weigh the pros and cons for each to help you decide.

Ceramic Straighteners

Ceramic straighteners heat the hair from inside out using infrared technology, making them kinder to your hair. They are also generally preferred due to their uniform heating. This protects your hair from heat damage resulting from uneven hot spots. If you are not a professional, it is recommended to use ceramic straighteners as they are less likely to cause damage to your hair. They also work on all hair types, be it thick and coarse or thin and fragile. They are also generally cheaper than titanium straighteners.

The major undoing for ceramic straighteners is that they are usually slow. They may take a minute or longer to reach their maximum heating.

Titanium Straighteners

On the other hand, titanium straighteners are faster and can take a minute or less to reach their maximum heating. They produce more negative ions that are effective in reducing frizz from your hair. They are also more durable and light; thus, they will give you more extended service. Styling professionals commonly use titanium straighteners due to their speed. They also require more care in handling to reduce damage to your hair.   

Titanium straighteners are likely to cause more damage to your hair. Certain hair types require different heating levels, so it is essential to know how to use with varying hair types if you are not a professional. For instance, thick hair requires more heat; thus, titanium would be a perfect choice and vice versa.
I am confident that the above information will help you decide easily between ceramic and titanium straightening irons. If you are skilled like me, you could try a titanium straightener for faster results though I would advise you to handle it with care. Once you make up your mind, you can reach us, at EAP HEAT, for this and many more hair products and collections. 

What type of iron do you prefer for your hair?