10 Problems you Solve When Switching to EAP Heat

10 Problems you Solve When Switching to EAP Heat

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1. Dry hair

One of the major keys to healthy hair is moisture. Our essentials cleanse but also help in adding and retaining moisture that your hair needs. Our formulas created sulfate-free for this very reason, sulfates do clean but also leave hair lifeless due to them stripping dirt and natural moisture.

2. Frizzy hair

Our hot tools are created with premium materials that emit infrared heat that combats frizz. This in combination with Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant formulated to protect your hair when using heat but also deter frizz.

3. Dull hair

Our essentials are specifically formulated with oils and extracts that bring the life back into hair. For maximum moisture resulting in heathy shiny but not greasy hair. 

4. Heat-damaged hair

While heat damage cannot be reversed, it can be nurtured and prevented in the future. We are advocates for healthy heat usage on hair and are certain that heat can be used regularly and hair remains healthy.

5. Color-treated hair

Everything from our essentials to our hot tools is color-treated hair approved. We wanted to ensure that everyone could have the opportunity to use heat on their hair in a healthy way.

6. Greasy hair

Greasy hair is a thing of the past when you use EAP Heat. The rich lather from Let’s Be Clear Clarifying Shampoo locks in dirt and grime caused by styling and product usage and leaves the scalp and hair with a cool cleanse. Following this up with Gimme More Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo finishes the cleaning process, leaving moisture that rejuvenates and is not greasy.

7. Unhealthy hair habits

Using just any product on your hair can cause more damage than not. When you switch to EAP Heat hair care you are using products that have been formulated to restore and maintain the health of hair. It can be so easy to use what you have been using for years but when you experience hair care created for a healthy hair care journey your hair habits change.

8. Hair breakage

We have a section in our hair care line that targets restoring damaged and broken hair and when you use that in combination with the other wash day essentials like (conditioner) you are combating further breakage.

9. Breaking the bank

While some hair care will cost a fortune to take care of your hair, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with easy yet affordable hair care to incorporate into your hair care routine.

10. Not knowing your hair

In order to cater to your hair, you must first know your hair. This includes your hair's porosity and any issues you see with your hair on a regular basis. We offer not only the tools to support a variety of hair types and textures but the education for you to learn more about your hair for you to bet serve it.