Closer Look at Ming Lee x EAP Titanium Flat Irons

Closer Look at Ming Lee x EAP Titanium Flat Irons

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Our first hot tool collaboration! We joined forces with renowned stylist turned influential creative marketing maven Ming Lee. She built Snob Life with hustle and passion and from that, she has a successful hair and beauty company and a top-tier salon. With the busy life, she lives and being that her favorite hot tool comes from EAP Heat we wanted to create an iron that could achieve a swifter silk press with ease.

This is how the Ming Lee x EAP Heat Titanium Flat Irons was born. The titanium plates are lightweight and have an exceptional heat conducting ability. She wanted to create a flat iron that professional stylists and hair enthusiasts could both use for effortless silk press whether in the salon or at home.

Let’s get more into the hardware of these titanium flat irons, they were designed to reduce frizz and provide even smoother results, but how? Well, their non-porous plates don’t allow liquid or air to pass through the material allowing the plates to glide easily through. Our Ming Lee x EAP Heat titanium flat irons are great for those with thicker or more coarse hair because the heat penetrates strands and smooths hair with minimal passes and time. If you have longer hair or want a shorter silk press time, a titanium flat iron would be a better option for you because the plates heat up faster in combination with the ultrasonic heat making for a speedy silk press.

The benefits of titanium plates are that the heat is evenly spread across the whole plate which allows for one pass and less chance of damaging the hair. the longevity of titanium is another reason we decided to go with these plates because much like Snob Life hair we wanted to produce a hot tool that doesn’t wear as fast as other plate materials. One thing that all of our flat irons emits is negative ions, and our Ming Lee x EAP Heat titanium flat iron is no different, negative ions help restore the moisture into the hair and smooth hair cuticles which combats frizz-producing silky sleek hair.

So when you are looking for a new flat iron or you want to add I flat iron to your hot tool collection that can get the job done a quicker than you need try the Ming Lee x EAP Heat Titanium flat iron that comes in 1” and 1 ¾”.