A Closer Look at Our Volumizing Air Brush

Closer Look at Ming Lee x EAP Titanium Flat Irons Reading A Closer Look at Our Volumizing Air Brush 2 minutes
A salon-desirable blowout with volume and body is only a hot tool away. Our Volumizing Air Brush combines the detangling and straightening power of a blow dryer with the style sculpting capacity of a roller brush. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

The gentle combination of bristles grasps hair with minimal tension to create styles with body and volume effortlessly. The ionic technology reduces static normally created by the bristles by producing and releasing negative ions to combat static. The first bristle is the same brittle that can be found on a paddle brush that penetrates coils for better detangling. The second bristles are the kind you find on a round brush or boar bristles that enhance shine while smoothing properties help detangle. These two bristles next to each other work together when using the Volumizing Air Brush to detangle hair while leaving it smoother and with added shine.

The adjustable setting helps you control the temperature to limit heat damage while the 360° ventilated barrel molds those frizz-free shiny styles. You know we are all about using heat in a healthy way and our Volumizing Air Brush is no different. The temperature settings are cool, low, and high. Of course, we encourage you to always use your Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant before using and start on the lower setting and use the higher one if needed. Think of the cool setting like a cool shot on a blow dryer but instead of hitting it once it stays cool.

If you are in the market to try something new or you want to be able to style while you blow out your hair, our Volumizing Air Brush is the perfect hot tool to add to your collection.