How to Straighten Hair Without Damage

How to Straighten Hair Without Damage

Damage from straightening your hair is a thing of the past when you follow these easy tips next time you straighten or apply any heat to your hair. The causes of the damage range from improper heat application meaning your hot tool don’t have temperature control or you could be simply placing it at too high of a temperature for your hair to bleached hair.

Heat protectant

If there is one thing anyone who owns a hot tool should have it is a heat protectant. The use of heat in any form should have heat protectant precede because it anticipates the moisture loss from heat styling and fights frizz while adding shine.

Blow dry on low heat

If you are going to be using additional heat after blow drying this is especially important because you want to be gentle with your hair and not apply two forms of high heat. Blow drying in sections can help with ensuring every inch is reached and properly dried.

Only straighten dry hair

Please never straighten hair when it is wet, if you do nothing else please abide by this tip! When you do this, you are literally boiling your hair strands, the high heat causes the water molecules caught within strands to boil and cause hair to smoke. This can lead to structural damage that cannot be reversed.

One pass technology

When looking for a flat iron find one that you will not have to iron over the same area multiple times. This is because you are now applying more heat to the same area can affect the keratin strands in hair by breaking down their elasticity and allowing hair to become more susceptible to damage that cannot be reversed.

Temperature Control

When it comes to your hair you need to be in control. Investing in a flat iron that allows you to control the temperature is a must. You want to be sure you are not applying more heat than needed to your hair and if you are flat ironing more than just your own hair you want to be sure you can accommodate heat accordingly.