5 Amazing Hair Care Ingredients

5 Amazing Hair Care Ingredients

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When you start looking for hair care products what do you look for? Are you looking for products that are sulfate-free? What about products that everyone is using? Trying to find the products that work best for your hair can be a task but once you find the products that cater to your hair you’re set. One of the biggest things you should look at is the ingredients in those products. So we took some of the work out of figuring out which ingredients are great for your hair.

Here are 5 amazing ingredients you want to see in your hair care products:


Being a humectant, glycerin helps attract and retain moisture within the hair shaft. It can actually draw moisture from the air when applied to hair which results in helping with hydration and repair. 

Aloe Vera

Also, an ingredient that helps retain moisture, aloe vera helps cleanse the scalp and tackle scalp issues, promotes hair growth through its moisturizing ability, and leaves behind a shine. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat dry scalp.

Olive Oil

With its Vitamin E, fatty acids, and emollients which cover the hair shaft to trap moisture olive oil is great for bringing life back into the hair.

Coconut Oil

With its Vitamin E and omega – 3 fatty acids coconut oil penetrates your hair shaft to hydrate and bring the shine back to your hair. It doesn’t sit on the top of your hair but penetrates the hair shaft allowing its healing properties to activate where it is needed most.

Jojoba Oil

With its properties that favor sebum, the oil produced naturally by your scalp's sebaceous glands, jojoba oil replaces what can often get lost. This allows it to hydrate with minimal side effects because your scalp is ready to accept the familiar properties. It also penetrates hair follicles deep for invigorating moisture.