Love Your Coils

Love Your Coils

There should not be a moment in your hair care journey when you don’t love your coils, whether your coils are loose or tight. You should be wearing your hair proudly like a smile. While we may not all come out the gate loving our hair we have a few tips to help you get to the point of loving your hair unconditionally.

Understand your hair

One of the biggest ways to understand your hair is to determine your hair's porosity. This is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. When you know your porosity, you know how to properly care for your coils and can choose products that cater to keeping them moisturized and thriving.

  • Low porosity - Has difficulty allowing water into the hair shaft. It can be recognizable when hair takes some time to get saturated in water, product sits on top of hair and styles take a while to dry.
  • Normal porosity - Readily takes and retains moisture. The hair cuticle absorbs water and other moisture with no problem.
  • High porosity - Absorbs moisture quickly and can lose it just as fast. It can be recognizable when hair saturates fast in the water when styles dry quickly and lose moisture quickly.

Find a go-to style

If you see a style you like, try it! Don’t think it will work? Try it anyways and add your spin on it, make it your own. When you find your favorite style or styles you will fall even more in love with your coils because when your hair looks good you feel good.  

Take care of your entire body

Loving your coils isn’t just about what you put on them, it also has to do with how you take care of your entire body. Drink plenty of water, that helps keep your body and your hair moisturized. Some foods help activate hair growth and assist in the production of natural hair nutrients. 

Stick to it

While you may not see results right away, there is growth in staying dedicated to your hair care regimen and allowing your hair to find its way while you are patient. But when you do find a routine it can be a lot easier to stick to it because you know the process as well as why you're doing it. #BeGoodToYourHair