Myths About Heat Styling

Myths About Heat Styling

Growing up we were conditioned to think of heat styling as being unhealthy for our hair, when used incorrectly this is true. But EAP Heat set out to change the perspective of heat styling by providing hair care products that encourage healthy heat styling. There are many myths about heat styling and we’ve busted a few of them:

Woman using EAP Heat Almost Titanium Curling Iron

Myth: Heat is the only thing that damages natural hair

Truth: This couldn’t be farther from the truth, an overabundance of anything has the potential to damage hair, not just heat styling used incorrectly. Chemicals are another thing that causes hair damage, so when you get perms or even when you color be sure to take all the proper precautions to prevent damage from occurring. The environment your hair is in can also cause damage because it affects the hair ability to retain and remain moisturized.

Myth: Your hair grows better without heat

Truth: Growing hair isn’t solely bent on using it, not using heat but on how you care for your hair. The absence of heat will not necessarily make hair healthier but this is not to say that heat is required for growth. You can grow healthy hair and still apply heat as long as it’s being applied correctly in combination with heat protectant.

Myth: Heat damage can be reversed

Truth: Once the damage has been done it cannot be reversed. But treating heat damaged hair with deep conditioning treatments and protective styling can lessen the appearance of heat damage but ultimately it won’t return to normal and will need to be removed.